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angst 1

A feeling of anxiety or apprehension.
intr.v. angst·ed, angst·ing, angsts
To show or feel anxiety or apprehension: angsted over the upcoming exam.

[German, from Middle High German angest, from Old High German angust; see angh- in Indo-European roots.]

angst′y adj.

angst 2



adj, angstier or angstiest
informal displaying or feeling angst, esp in a self-conscious manner: two angsty teenagers.
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What A Feeling has a slight element of 1980s disco, and single Drag Me Down just goes to prove that Malik didn't take the band's angsty edge with him.
With able support from Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman, it's a study in angsty introspection.
But there's no doubting his work ethic now, as this film was shot over 11 years, depicting newcomer Ellar Coltrane's angsty adolescence from the age of six to 18.
Angsty teens are invariably thrust into a future world where perceived current trends in inequality or resource consumption have reached their inevitably bleak conclusion.
When they're angsty with their parents, I'm the safe haven.
The music again has shades of Blur, this time the more angsty Popscene.
I don't do gloom, I'm not cool enough to be all angsty and pent up.
Angsty students, goths and metalheads coexist harmoniously with the more mainstream community, united under the umbrella of the good rock music
While the angsty Edward Cullen will always be some Twihards' favorite sparkly alpha male, Landon has some seriously hot controlling tendencies, not to mention a slightly twitchy palm.
Not only did my teacher (now a famous author) explain it brilliantly, but I was in the middle of an angsty phase.
95 The classic skate magazine's logo burst in flames on the angsty teen go-to: the black hoodie.
ALANIS MORISSETTE: Live At Montreux 2012| LOVE her or loathe her, angsty Alanis is at her best live.