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Noun1.angular position - relation by which any position with respect to any other position is establishedangular position - relation by which any position with respect to any other position is established
spatial relation, position - the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated; "the position of the hands on the clock"; "he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage"
ALT, EL, elevation, altitude - angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
depression - angular distance below the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
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Also note that in my response, I mentioned that the angular position of a Penis could be normal ''A bent penis generally occurs when the spaces between the muscles of the Penis do not expand evenly during erection.
It features a floating display for the infotainments system and a set of buttons placed below in an angular position, a dashboard with black, soft-touch material, offering black and silver dual tone effect.
Typical applications include detecting inclinations of vehicle platforms or angular position measurement on boom arms of construction machinery.
Coupling opposing sets of counter rotating weights with a gearset, the proprietary eccentric weight vibrators either add together or cancel the reactive centrifugal force based on the angular position of the weights.
I don't really think I look like Jabba, but sometimes, usually at the weekends, when I convince my sister to bring me 'snacks' that include chocolate, crisps and any cheese-related product, I'm found in the same angular position as Jabba, laid across the sofa as a lord of the manor.
Inside of the joints of the kinematic pairs, precision angular position sensors and brake devices are located.
The sensors devoted to obtain the angular position for a shaft are known in engineering as encoders.
The kinematic data together with these measures were used to calculate the center of mass (COM) displacement and changes in the angular position in major joints.
where [??] is the PMSM rotor angular position, w is the PMSM rotor angular velocity, [i.sub.d], [i.sub.q], [u.sub.d], and [u.sub.q] are d, q axis currents and voltages, respectively.