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1. Having, forming, or consisting of an angle or angles.
2. Measured by an angle or by degrees of an arc.
3. Bony and lean; gaunt: an angular face.
4. Lacking grace or smoothness; awkward: an angular gait.
5. Rigid, stiff, and unyielding in character or disposition: "the cold, angular brand of materialism" (David K. Willis).

[Latin angulāris, from angulus, angle.]

an′gu·lar·ly adv.
an′gu·lar·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
But in life --as we have elsewhere seen --this inclined plane is angularly filled up, and almost squared by the enormous superincumbent mass of the junk and sperm.
Gashford, the secretary, was taller, angularly made, high- shouldered, bony, and ungraceful.
Madame de S agitated herself angularly on the sofa.
In the earliest third of the specimen, as preserved, the profile is more elliptical with the adaxial lateral surface ('umbilical wall') flattened and passing angularly onto the uniformly convex outer whorl surface which lacks the spiral band on the dorsum.
Vivien's angularly modernistic home shows just how much Rightlynd has gentrified and changed (a major credit to set designer Arnel Sancianco's realistic scenic work).
The antiballistic core is a compressed stack of angularly biased unidirectional polyethylene monolayers formed of tapes and/or fibers.
Radio telescope in astronomy will allow observation of spatial points that do not need to be angularly spaced, observation of extensive radio-sources, including the radio halo of galaxy clusters and extensive Milky Way sources, studying the spectral lines in the Milky Way galaxy and other nearby galaxies, observation of the spectral line of hydrogen at a frequency of 1420 GHz.
Here's how it's described in the patent: 'Embodiments are disclosed herein that relate to providing a near-eye display device with a wide field of view through the use of angularly multiplexed holographic recordings to form gratings for the waveguide.
During 2019 it remains angularly small, starting the year at 7.4 arcseconds.
With her hair already angularly bobbed in a nod to the teenager she created in her Claudine novels, Colette's transformation is electric.
In order to establish the motion of the rotor, a disc with twelve marks angularly equidistant is applied on the frontal face of the steel disc.