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1. The formation of angles.
2. An angular part, position, or formation.


1. an angular formation
2. (Surveying) the precise measurement of angles


(ˌæŋ gyəˈleɪ ʃən)

1. an angular part, position, or formation.
2. the exact measurement of angles.
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Noun1.angulation - the precise measurement of anglesangulation - the precise measurement of angles  
measurement, measuring, mensuration, measure - the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"
2.angulation - the act of making angulate (having corners)angulation - the act of making angulate (having corners)
change of shape - an action that changes the shape of something
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Mobile x-ray fluoroscopy system with fully digital image recorder, rotary anode generator and monitor trolley for use in vascular surgery, cardiology and interventions with both manual and motor movements for orbital and angulation rotation and horizontal stroke, with active cooling system for long service life, suitable for hybrid op applications.
For Lee and associates, (8) radiographic assessment of angulation was the primary outcome.
Key Words: Impaction, Mandibular, Third molar, Angulation, Depth.
In non-operative treatment, it has been noticed that problems such as angulation, malrotation and limb length discrepancy cannot be effectively controlled.
Also, the cut is expected to be at 30[degrees] angulation to enable this angulation, a 30[degrees] chamfer was created at the edge of the template for the saw or drill to follow this angulation without any deviation, the template was designed in a way to avoid important structure such as the mental nerve on both sides and also the root apices.
Dilaceration is defined as an angulation or sharp bend or curve in the linear relationship of the crown of a tooth to its root.
This right-hand dominant lady suffered a right distal radius fracture with dorsal angulation.
Workflow enhancements such as S-Align, a unique and highly practical feature, provides accurate alignment at multiple angles and broadcasts the detector's degree of angulation to the tube head allowing proper radiographic alignment when imaging gurney or wheel chair patients.
The examination was standardised in order to obtain the same distance (8 cm) and angulation between the radiographic tube and the receptor.
Also, in terms of lateral translation 1% progress was registered and lateral angulation had a breakthrough of 9.
According to Life Spine, the innovation of the GRUVE Anterior Cervical Plate's locking mechanism allows for extreme bone screw angulation along with a tactile and visual confirmation during final screw placement.