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The inability to experience pleasure, as seen in certain mood disorders.

[New Latin anhēdonia : Greek an-, without; see a-1 + Greek hēdonē, pleasure; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]

an′he·don′ic (-dŏn′ĭk) adj.


unable to feel or experience pleasure
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Socially anxious kids become demoralized, but they do not become anhedonic," Dr.
Assessing this relationship the other way around, cluster A personality disorders (schizoid, schizotypal and paranoid) are reported to be 2 times more frequent in the families of socially anhedonic subjects compared with control families (14) and mothers of anhedonic subjects more frequently display interpersonal eccentric behaviors in comparison with control subjects families (15).
Findings indicated that mindful attention and awareness were significantly and strongly concurrently predictive of level of PTSD symptom severity, psychiatric morbidity, anxious arousal, and anhedonic depression.
2009) found associations between regret and anhedonic depression, as well as regret and anxious arousal in a sample of both males and females.
Someone in this situation experiences anhedonic depression, a very flat depression, basically no emotional feelings," Waller says.
When Daniel's distant genetic offspring quits his anhedonic confinement and sets off across the blasted wasteland of a future world, he is looking for what his forebear saw as the one precious thing in life.
Anxious arousal and anhedonic depression symptoms and the frequency of current marijuana use: Testing the mediating role of marijuana-use coping motives among active users.
McCreery and Claridge (1995, 1996) reported that OBE experients scored higher than nonexperients on measures of positive schizotypy (Perceptual Aberration, Luanay-Slade Hallucination Scale, STA, Hypomania) and significantly lower on a measure of negative schizotypy (the Physical Anhedonia Scale), suggesting that, "far from being anhedonic, they were particularly enjoying life.
Third, no specific self-report scale was adopted to assess anhedonic levels, although the anhedonic subscale of the BDI was used in this study.
What sometimes seems an irritable reaching after fact and reason leaves historicism open to charges of pedantry, dogmatism, and an anhedonic orientation toward literary form's most basic operations: irony, allegory, and, of course, poetic displacement.