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A colorless, white, gray, blue, or lilac mineral of anhydrous calcium sulfate, CaSO4, occurring as layers in gypsum deposits.

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(Minerals) a colourless or greyish-white mineral, found in sedimentary rocks. It is used in the manufacture of cement, fertilizers, and chemicals. Composition: anhydrous calcium sulphate. Formula: CaSO4. Crystal structure: orthorhombic
[C19: from anhydr(ous) + -ite1]
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(ænˈhaɪ draɪt)

a mineral, anhydrous calcium sulfate, CaSO4, usu. occurring in whitish or slightly colored masses.
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Within these structures prehnite is found as botryoidal coatings, isolated spheres and thick carpets composed of prehnite pseudomorphs after glauberite and anhydrite. The color, shape and luster of the prehnite can vary greatly between the pockets.
FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds come in a range of drying time from 3 days to 21 days, allowing construction projects to resume without the long delays that normal anhydrite screeds pose.
He won the seat in 1983, and one of his first campaigns was to fight plans to store nuclear waste in the former anhydrite mines underneath Billingham.
The geologist knows calcium sulphate as anhydrite. Its monoclinic crystal lattice and flower-like clumps of needles are also the most common form in nature, and it is from rocks bearing anhydrite that water derives its hardness.
In its lower 3 m, the Eel Bed contains 1-3 cm structureless and vuggy beds intercalated with thinly-laminated (1-5 mm) layers of algal mats, anhydrite and dolomite.
Sulphate minerals are limited to gypsum and small amounts of anhydrite (XRD), although some celestite was also observed in the petrographic examinations.
The content of six main components: lime CaO, anhydrite CaS[O.aub.4], quartz Si[O.sub.2], calcite CaC[O.sub.3], periclase MgO and larnite [Ca.sub.2]Si[O.sub.4] was determined.
At that site, much hotter fluids (350[degrees]C) jetted from tall rock formations composed of calcium sulfate (anhydrite) and metal sulfides.
The unit is recognized as a formation, the Bass Islands Dolomite, in the subsurface, where it is defined as the interval suprajacent to the uppermost anhydrite of the G unit of the Salina and subjacent to the Silurian-Devonian unconformity.
Surface sampling recovered iron, copper and zinc sulphides along with anhydrite, silica and other oxides.