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 (ăn′īl′, ā′nīl′)
Unable to think clearly or infirm because of old age.

[Latin anīlis, from anus, old woman.]

a·nil′i·ty (ə-nĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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the condition of behaving like an old woman, used especially of men. Cf. senility.
See also: Old Age
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anility = senility imbecility (named after me?) bright = recondite sight, erudite light clandestine = unseen scene claws = paw's 'jaws' cleaner = keener gleaner craze = praise phase dink = prink link (dressy [slang]) distillation = evaporation-condensation exhume = toom tomb (toom = to empty) flasher = rasher dasher foreplay = pre-lay foray galore = more, more, encore more!
anility senility imbecility (A true dictionary definition [Chambers], named after me!)