animal charcoal

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Noun1.animal charcoal - black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone; used as a black pigment
char - a charred substance
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Manufacturing animal charcoal, blood albumen, candles, catgut, glue, fish oil, size or feeding stuff for animals or poultry from meat, fish, blood, bone, feathers, fat or animal offal either in an offensive condition or subjected to any process causing noxious or injurious effluvia.
Paints and Chemical Industries (Pachin) confirmed that it is currently studying the possibility of selling its animal charcoal factory, but stated that no decision has been taken so far, according to a statement on the stock exchange website.
Activated carbons are heterogeneous group of products consisting of carbon, possessing an enhanced degree of absorbent properties of wood and animal charcoal. This absorption power of activated carbon was discovered in 1773 in an experiment when gases were exposed to charcoal.