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Noun1.animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
warble - a lumpy abscess under the hide of domestic mammals caused by larvae of a botfly or warble fly
anaplasmosis - a disease of cattle that is transmitted by cattle ticks; similar to Texas fever
aspergillosis, brooder pneumonia - severe respiratory disease of birds that takes the form of an acute rapidly fatal pneumonia in young chickens and turkeys
bighead - any of various diseases of animals characterized by edema of the head and neck
bovine spongiform encephalitis, mad cow disease - a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system; causes staggering and agitation
bull nose - a disease of pigs resulting in swelling of the snout
camelpox - a viral disease of camels closely related to smallpox; "with a little genetic engineering camelpox could be used as a bioweapon"
canine chorea, chorea - chorea in dogs
catarrhal fever - any of several disease of livestock marked by fever and edema of the respiratory tract
chronic wasting disease - a wildlife disease (akin to bovine spongiform encephalitis) that affects deer and elk
costiasis - a fatal disease of freshwater fish caused by a flagellated protozoan invading the skin
cowpox - a viral disease of cattle causing a mild skin disease affecting the udder; formerly used to inoculate humans against smallpox
creeps - a disease of cattle and sheep attributed to a dietary deficiency; characterized by anemia and softening of the bones and a slow stiff gait
hemorrhagic septicemia, pasteurellosis - an acute infectious disease characterized by pneumonia and blood infection
fistula, fistulous withers - a chronic inflammation of the withers of a horse
fowl cholera - an acute diarrheal disease (especially of chickens) caused by the microorganism that causes hemorrhagic septicemia
fowl pest - either of two acute viral diseases of domestic fowl; characterized by refusal to eat and high temperature and discoloration of the comb
hog cholera - highly infectious virus disease of swine
distemper - any of various infectious viral diseases of animals
enterotoxemia - a disease of cattle and sheep that is attributed to toxins absorbed from the intestines
foot-and-mouth disease, hoof-and-mouth disease - acute contagious disease of cloven-footed animals marked by ulcers in the mouth and around the hoofs
foot rot - contagious degenerative infection of the feet of hoofed animals (especially cattle and sheep)
black disease, distomatosis, liver rot, sheep rot - a disease of the liver (especially in sheep and cattle) caused by liver flukes and their by-products
broken wind, heaves - a chronic emphysema of the horse that causes difficult expiration and heaving of the flanks
red water - a disease of cattle; characterized by hematuria
rhinotracheitis - a respiratory infection of the nose and throat in cattle
cattle plague, rinderpest - an acute infectious viral disease of cattle (usually fatal); characterized by fever and diarrhea and inflammation of mucous membranes
scours - diarrhea in livestock
scrapie - a fatal disease of sheep characterized by chronic itching and loss of muscular control and progressive degeneration of the central nervous system
shipping fever, shipping pneumonia - a deadly form of septicemia in cattle and sheep; involves high fever and pneumonia; contracted under conditions of exposure or exhaustion (as often happens when the animals are shipped to market)
spavin - a swelling of the hock joint of a horse; resulting in lameness
loco disease, locoism - a disease of livestock caused by locoweed poisoning; characterized by weakness and lack of coordination and trembling and partial paralysis
looping ill - an acute viral disease of the nervous system in sheep; can be transmitted by Ixodes ricinus
mange - a persistent and contagious disease of the skin causing inflammation and itching and loss of hair; affects domestic animals (and sometimes people)
mooneye, moon blindness - recurrent eye inflammation in horses; sometimes resulting in blindness
murrain - any disease of domestic animals that resembles a plague
myxomatosis - a viral disease (usually fatal) of rabbits
Newcastle disease - disease of domestic fowl and other birds
pip - a disease of poultry
parrot disease, psittacosis - infectious disease of birds
bacillary white diarrhea, bacillary white diarrhoea, pullorum disease - a serious bacterial disease of young chickens
gall, saddle sore - an open sore on the back of a horse caused by ill-fitting or badly adjusted saddle
sand crack - a fissure in the wall of a horse's hoof often causing lameness
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Marin they are closely monitoring the slaughterhouses and backyard farms for any incidence of animal disease.
The money will also be used to pay for additional workers that the BAI will hire and mobilize for animal disease surveillance.
Under the draft amendment to the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease, anyone who disseminates rumors or false information relating to animal diseases and causes damage to the public could be fined between NT$50,000 and NT$1 million.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI): The Centre has approved Rs 13,343 crore for the National Animal Disease Control Programme for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Brucellosis for the next five years.
(TAP) - Animal disease control, which has become difficult in the context of globalisation, requires regional and international co-operation under the auspices of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), said Minister of Agriculture Samir Taieb.
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) has trained Nigeria's Veterinary Officers in First Good Emergency Practices (GEMP) to prevent and respond to animal disease outbreak.
According to US Embassy, Islamabad, the workshop brought decision makers and scientists together to agree on a list of priority Zoonotic (an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans).
These reports collected and compiled by animal husbandry department of respective state governments are further get compiled at the national level by Department of Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries (DADF), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, which publishes these as animal disease surveillance bulletins (Fig.1).
The animal disease mapping system includes updated disease databases, a map showing the geographical distribution of certain livestock, strategies for control and preventive measures, detecting and tracing infectious animal hotspots, and raising awareness for protection of animal resources through 21 veterinary clinics across the UAE, Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad said in a statement to Arabic newspaper Al Khaleej.
Proposal to establish animal disease zones in Canada, U.S.
The agriculture minister, John Mutorwa said at the event that the facility will become a regional centre of excellence in animal disease control and will further bolster ongoing efforts to work towards the suppression of animal diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease and Rabies.