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Noun1.animal leg - the leg of an animalanimal leg - the leg of an animal      
quadruped - an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking
biped - an animal with two feet
cannon, shank - lower part of the leg extending from the hock to the fetlock in hoofed mammals
leg - a structure in animals that is similar to a human leg and used for locomotion
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There are fears an animal leg found on the rooftop of a property, close to where Gizmo the chihuahua was snatched by a seagull, could belong to the missing family pet.
At the corners of the skirt bottom are attached extensions to simulate the original animal leg. These are sometimes attached at an angle so that they stand outwards [2] and frequently seem to be decorated with tin jingles and beadwork.
Restaurant's co-owner and chef, Michael Hunter reportedly brought out an entire animal leg and started cutting it up right in the window on a table reserved for diners.
A Canadian chef caused an uproar Friday after activists claimed they witnessed him butchering a large animal leg in his restaurant window before appearing to eat it.
Sitting on one of the gigantic, crudely constructed bar stools with sheepskin trim, you can imagine Conan the Barbarian hunched over the bar, animal leg in one hand, stein of beer in the other.
"An animal leg is shaped like a column because it facilitates the flow of stresses between two points - like the foot and hip joint, or paw and shoulder.