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Noun1.animal psychology - the branch of psychology concerned with the behavior of animals
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
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It makes sense, then, that you need four years of college to get an understanding of animal psychology, plus canine health, nutrition, genetics.
Mammalogists also suggest that aggression might be a possible factor behind the demise of animals and the zoo management seemed to be unaware of the animal psychology.
ISLAMABAD:Mammalogists on Sunday rejecting fall in mercury as the cause of consecutive deaths of nilgais in Marghazar zoo said aggression was a possible factor behind their demise and the management was totally unaware of the animal psychology.
The author suggests a reconstruction of Kant's theory of perception--in particular his notions of intuition, concept, sensible impression, sensation, synthesis, and combination--informed by the progress of philosophy and human and animal psychology since his time.
New critter sitters frequently overlook the nuances of animal psychology, and then have horrible experiences trying to load their animals.
She'd originally planned to be a vet, but couldn't get the grades and has now switched to psychology (not counselling, even though it's helped in her own life; she's interested in forensic psychology, or even animal psychology).
These life-changing stories are not just fun and insightful reads, but offer plenty of psychological insights into not just dog personalities, but how to work with different animals and how and why animal psychology differs from humans.
Hoffman told the website Companion Animal Psychology that while finding no evidence of Black Dog Syndrome, "We did find that shelter outcomes tended to be worse for brindle [brown] dogs and, not surprisingly, bully breeds.
The Dublin beauty, who is studying advanced animal psychology, is personally against donning fur but admitted there's not much she can do about it because it's part of her job.
One very important development in animal psychology was the bringing together of the method of investigating discrimination and learning in animals and the method of extirpation in the study of the different areas of the cerebrum.
Part two looks at the basicsumicrobiology, animal psychology and milk production, farm management, and philosophies of land and animal management.

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