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Noun1.animal scientist - a specialist in the branch of biology dealing with animalsanimal scientist - a specialist in the branch of biology dealing with animals
biologist, life scientist - (biology) a scientist who studies living organisms
bug-hunter, bugologist, entomologist - a zoologist who studies insects
ethologist - a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats
herpetologist - a zoologist who studies reptiles and amphibians
ichthyologist - a zoologist who studies fishes
malacologist - a zoologist specializing in the study of mollusks
mammalogist - one skilled in the study of mammals
bird watcher, ornithologist - a zoologist who studies birds
protozoologist - a zoologist who studies protozoans
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She is an internationally celebrated animal scientist and autism self-advocate.
AN Animal Scientist, Mr Osmond Maduabuchi, has tasked farmers on breeding of local specie of cattle as an alternative source of meat for local consumption and export.
The milk is consumed at home for lack of market though it is high butterfat content, like that of goats.Monica Yator, an animal scientist at University of Eldoret, says that sheep lose their fur due to parasites such as mites and ticks.
Instead of engaging in goal directed behavior, they act as if their owner was encouraging them to play," says Monique Udell, an animal scientist involved in the Oregon State study.
She is a Registered Animal Scientist and a member of Nigeria Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN), Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP), Ghana Society for Animal Production (GSAP, British Society of Animal Science, UK (BSAS) and International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) Africa Chapter.
To find ways to improve pigs' well-being and productivity, animal scientist Jeremy Marchant-Forde, former Purdue University graduate student Shelly DeBoer, and their colleagues examined the types of pens in which the animals spent most of their time.
Power is a senior research associate at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and an animal scientist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.
Animal scientist Mark Cook and his team at the University of Wisconsin, Madison discovered a way to disable an off switch in chickens' immune systems and have replicated the results in cattle.
MIA FERNYHOUGH, RSPCA farm animal scientist, Wilberforce Way, Southwater
*** *** *** * * * MN, *** * *** IMP * * *, IML SI IMO * PO, *** Temple Grandin, an animal scientist whose life story was profiled in an HBO movie, will be the featured speaker at the Four States Cattle Conference on Dec.