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Noun1.animal trainer - one who trains or exhibits animalsanimal trainer - one who trains or exhibits animals  
tamer - an animal trainer who tames wild animals
trainer - one who trains other persons or animals
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"My dear," Harley said to Villa at the conclusion of one such singing, "it's fortunate for him that you are not an animal trainer, or, rather, I suppose, it would be better called 'trained animal show-woman'; for you'd be topping the bill in all the music-halls and vaudeville houses of the world."
In London, Paulvitch went directly with his prize to a certain famous animal trainer. This man was much impressed with Ajax with the result that he agreed to train him for a lion's share of the profits of exhibiting him, and in the meantime to provide for the keep of both the ape and his owner.
He was like so much cunning, massive steel machinery, and he did what Michael could never dream he did--and, for that matter, which few humans do and which all animal trainers do: HE KEPT ONE THOUGHT AHEAD OF MICHAEL'S THOUGHT ALL THE TIME, and therefore, was able to have ready one action always in anticipation of Michael's next action.
The programme showed animal trainer Jo-Rosie Haffenden meeting a three-year-old boy who struggles with temper tantrums and an 18-month-old who refuses to sleep in her cot.
It was ironic that animal trainer and psychologist Jo-Rosie Haffenden openly advocated the use of a clicker gadget.
Terrie Hayward is a certified professional animal trainer and the owner of Positive Animal Wellness, LLC, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
The team won a Highly Commended award for their Excellence in Customer Service at theSouth Cheshire Business Awardsrecently, while Head Coach Rachel Rodgers also bagged the Animal Trainer of the Year award at the national Animal Star Awards just before Christmas.
But his master, animal trainer He Jun, wants to continue his star pooch's image by making a genetic clone.
Animal trainer Amy Gerard, 28, vanished after a night out with friends.
I purchased him for Rs10,000 when he was just seven months old from a professional animal trainer. I feed him milk and roti, and he eats what I eat the rest of the day.
The awesome twosome are owned by an animal trainer named Robert, an American based in Australia who loves dogs and cats equally.