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1. Enjoyment of vigorous health and physical drives.
2. Indifference to all but the physical appetites.
3. The philosophical doctrine that humans are animals in their essential identity and are persons only through their contingent properties.

an′i·mal·ist n.
an′i·mal·is′tic (-lĭs′tĭk) adj.
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of, relating to, or resembling an animal or animals; brutish
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Adj.1.animalistic - of or pertaining to animalism
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He has also previously said that Muslims who have more than one wife and multiple children have an "animalistic tendency."
While Martin described that kiss as 'wild and animalistic,' he said the one with Akihiro was 'romantic and passionate.' Asked how he and Kiko had managed to develop good chemistry, he replied: 'You kissed each other several times, so magiging close na talaga kayo.
STRICTLY winner Stacey Dooley flew into an "animalistic" rage after a mutt went to attack her dog.
STRICTLY winner Stacey Dooley has revealed she once flew into an "animalistic" rage after a mutt went to attack her dog.
More particularly, it is alleged that Islam, when it promises pretty companions to believers in paradise, reflects and encourages an animalistic outlook.
Tourists feel fear from the animalistic terrorists and cancel their trips to visit the most beautiful places in Pakistan.
Kwabena "Kobi" Nelson, 22, a popular youth worker from a large loving family, died after he was ambushed in a "inhuman, savage and animalistic" attack in Kemble Road, Tottenham, in north London, in the early hours of February 3, the Old Bailey heard.
The statement read; 'Today, Ekiti State witnessed a return of crude and animalistic display of political intolerance as thugs on the campaign train of the APC candidate, Dr.
An ancient virus has infected two-thirds of the world's population, turning humans into either incredibly intelligent super-humans or large and indestructible animalistic creatures.
A MAN launched an "animalistic" attack on a neighbour, biting him on the face and sticking his thumbs into his eyes in an attempt to blind him, a court has heard.
The concession to a carnivorous diet was only a post-flood development, when G-d saw humanity could not live up to the Divine's original ideal of vegetarianism and sought to quench and contain some of humanity's more animalistic urges.