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A preliminary animated version of a scripted movie or television program.

an·i·mat′ic adj.


(Film) an initial edition or forerunner of a film, often a commercial, which contains a sequence of storyboard shots accompanied by a soundtrack
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the supports are multiple and include: - printed matter (poster, leaflet, brochure, press announcement, stationery, etc.), - digital and interactive products (website, banner, animatic, video, mobile apps, etc.) - promotional materials (totem, kakemono, panel, etc.).
Each animatic, trailer, commercial, headline, paragraph, image, video game, book, character, comic, song, event, and user experience is part of a framework of content that circulates and connects in a single network of media and users.
Aardman will also be leading storyboard sessions, with budding artists getting the chance to create their own storyboard and learn how pencil drawings can be used to create an 'animatic' - the animated storyboard used to bring drawings to life.
APP Animatic, iOS and Android But the best attribute of this unique multiplayer game lies in its variety.
The second session on July 30 will feature an introduction to storyboards and animatic and the filmmaking process will have the four groups work on four different things such as modelling characters, set building, preparing storyboards and presenting to all attendees, and preparing start and end credits in stop-motion.
material, shown in the 7-That material problems with animatic should not be the sequences changed were found in the edited material 2-The resolution of offline material has errors of image quality.
Planos que se yuxtaponen en un montaje paralelo, en un proceso de creacion que se inicia en una tela en blanco, se transforma con el proceso de intervencion a traves de una animatic, hasta el momento en que el artista culmina su obra.
Estas fases terminam com o animatic (storyboard temporizado com sons e movimentos previos planejados (Laybourne, 1998)).
It takes around six animators a day to produce around 11 seconds of animation, which equates to a full episode of animation every 9.2 days - though, in reality, a completed episode takes much longer with the creation of animatic storyboards, recording sounds and filming, editing and post effects.
From the blood, sweat and tears of work on an aging desktop computer with minimal gpu power, the beginnings of an animatic came to life.
The instruments include a keyboardless Red Welte Steinway, two Ampico grands (Chickering and Marshall and Wendell), Hupfeld Animatic Phonoliszt, Behning Art Echo, and four Vorsetzer players (Ampico, Duo-Art, Welte Red, and Welte Green).