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A belief that all animate and inanimate objects are infused with a common life force.

an′i·ma·tist adj. & n.
an·i·ma·tis′tic adj.
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Adj.1.animatistic - of or pertaining to animatism
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The film, a brutal biopic of mid-level boxer Jake La Motta (De Niro), represented an evolution of Scorsese's visual style, using bold black-and-white photography and expressionistic boxing sequences (in which sound designer and sound effects editor Frank Warner included animal sounds to 'give the subconscious impression of animatistic energy and chaos' (14)).
Many Native Americans consider these types of structures to be part of their animatistic, spiritual/religious beliefs.
Perhaps most notable here, however, is James's recollection that one of the first ways in which his consciousness had processed the earthquake was, in his animatistic phrase, "as a permanent individual entity" (332).