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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The technology employing electronics to animate motorized puppets.

an′i·ma·tron′ic adj.
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(Film) of, concerned with, or operated by animatronics: animatronic dinosaurs.
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InCamberley, six life-sized animatronic dinosaurs have been positioned around The Square for Dino Live and they are providing plenty of entertainment and education.
THE ANIMATRONIC head of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the eight-time world memory champion have been enlisted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help consumers remember if they were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).
The animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been placed in a hydraulic press to remind people they have just over two months left to complain about PPI.
Thirteen life-sized animatronic hunters that have been imported specially from America are to star in Predators, which opens at the zoo on Saturday (May 25).
The largest of the life-like animatronic models to arrive at the zoo is the megalodon, a giant species of shark, which has been extinct for more than 2m years and has a mouth the size of a car.
Dinosaurs Island Also known as Clarkland, this animatronic theme park also doubles as a museum of sorts for all visitors looking for a unique interactive experience while at the same time want to travel back in time to witness various likenesses of noble, ancient beasts.
The meme, which showcases a frightening ( animatronic of Jackson , first made its way on the internet via YouTube in a video called "My Ghoul Jackson" shortly after the singer passed away in 2009.
AN animatronic orangutan has taken to the streets of London as part of a campaign to highlight how rainforest destruction threatens the ape.
Based on the smash-hit BBC show Walking with Dinosaurs, the PS15 million show features animatronic versions of beasts such as Stegosaurus, Velociraptors, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
SW Gathering organisers have said they will be the first convention worldwide to be able to offer a photo op with the world's most popular animatronic superstar, Yoda.
Claire Tacon's inherently relatable and humorous In Search of the Perfect Singing Flamingo resonates as it conveys human foibles and kindness through a complicated family, a lonely teenager, and a collection of animatronic animals.