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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The technology employing electronics to animate motorized puppets.

an′i·ma·tron′ic adj.


(Film) of, concerned with, or operated by animatronics: animatronic dinosaurs.
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Dozens of youngsters took photographs and selfies with the animatronic puppet at Huddersfield Town's training ground on Saturday.
The head of an animatronic character came off its body amid a crowd of children at Disney's California Adventure Sunday.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI): Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Orlando took to Twitter to troll the animatronic version of United States President Donald Trump at the updated Hall of Presidents attraction, recently revealed by Walt Disney World.
Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents recently revealed the latest addition to their 25-minute long animatronic show: a representation of President Donald Trump.
Walking with Dinosaurs, the live spectacular which allows audiences to see animatronic recreations of the most impressive creatures which ever stomped across the Earth's surface, returns to the city next year with a well-known face guiding the audience around the era when humans had yet to set foot on the planet.
With Bradley Walsh as Mr Smee, Martin Kemp as Captain Hook and Matt Knight as Peter Pan, JM Barrie's original tale is brought to life with more than 100 performers, stuntmen, a 10,000-gallon water wall and of course, a seven-metre animatronic crocodile.
Each Little Dragon is based on the animatronic babies that "hatched" at Caerphilly Castle last week.
The new animatronic 50ft spinosaurus at West Midland Safari Park A GINORMOUS spinosaurus has arrived at West Midland Safari Park just in time for half-term.
Which holds true in this gory Gaelic shocker as all the nervy, brooding suspense built up in the opening 40 minutes evaporates once the animatronic goblins make their first appearance.
Ichabod Steam's Animatronic Steampunk Band, pictured, took the music outside and into the streets of the pretty market town, while fans were treated to a host of different styles of music throughout the day.
e festival will see the rst public showcase of Hampshire designer Matt Denton's extraordinary giant hexapod animatronic spider.
The first animatronic robots are appearing in Astana, the robots can speak any world language, the press service of the Kazakh capital reported.