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n. anisocoria, condición de desigualdad de ambas pupilas;
central simple ______ central simple;
essential ______ esencial;
physiologic ______ fisiológica
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In the second phase (assessment of variability), recordings of paired automated and manual assessments were made to analyze variability and interrater agreement for pupil size, detection of anisocoria, and PLR between 2 independent observers.
Anisocoria is more pronounced in the dark, when the iris dilator should be acting, and may be most obvious within the first 5 s of the darkness.
En el segundo dia del postoperatorio, presento anisocoria subita que se resolvio con manejo medico.
These were unrelated to hypoglycemia and were followed by anisocoria. Myelography was performed for SIH and verified with two CSF leaks originating at the lumbar 2 level.
Mild anisocoria might be normal, but consistently unequal or fixed pupils may indicate disease.
Discrete anisocoria may be normal in stress situations and is commonly described in birds (MONTIANI-FERREIRA, 2001; HARRIS et al., 2008).
She presented with iris heterochromia, a whitened right pupil and anisocoria. When the visual acuity of an affected eye is no light perception, the clinical considerations are geared toward improving social--rather than visual functionality.
His physical examination showed that he was unconscious and had anisocoria (Right>Left).
correlated coma (GCS score of 8 or less) and anisocoria with CT findings in 118 patients with spontaneous supratentorial ICH [23].