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n. anisocitosis, tamaño desigual de los glóbulos rojos.
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Peripheral blood smear revealed anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, along with target cells and contracted red blood cells.
The 3 most common findings of abnormal RBC morphology were microcytic RBC (215 occurrences), anisocytosis (85 occurrences), and hypochromic RBC (70 occurrences).
2008), increased rate of destruction or reduction in rate of formation of erythrocytes and altered cellular composition of blood leading to anemia, anisocytosis, eosinophilia and leucopenia and also due to impaired absorption of folic acid (Hardman and Limbird, 1996) and disruption of liver biosynthesis of heme (Woods and Fowler, 1986).
Thus, it is possible to assess anisocytosis or poikilocytosis in a quantitative fashion.
Reactive mesothelial cells with hyperplasia can be seen in hydrocoele fluid, The cells show anisocytosis and pleomorphism and have a moderate amount of pale cytoplasm.
9 Platelets * * * Mean Platelet Volume * * * Neutrophils 7 29 58 Bands 54 50 35 Lymphocytes 10 9 5 Monocytes 7 0 2 Metamyelocyte 12 9 0 Myelocyte 8 2 0 Promyelocyte 2 1 0 Nucleated Red Blood Cells 2 0 2 Polychromasia present [dagger] [dagger] Poikilocytosis present [dagger] present Anisocytosis present [dagger] present Microcytes present [dagger] [dagger] Spherocytes present [dagger] [dagger] Mega-thrombocytes present present [dagger] Absolute Neutrophils 3.
Peripheral smear revealed significant anisocytosis, microcytosis, hypochromia and poikilocytosis.
The blood film shows hypochromic microcytic red cells with varying degrees of anisocytosis and poikilocytosis, together with target cells and polychromasia.
Peripheral blood smear showed 80% polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PNL), 20% lymphocyte, erythrocytes were hypochrome and demonstrating microcytosis, poikilocytosis and anisocytosis.
9]/l; mean cell volume 82 fl; peripheral smear showed anisocytosis, target cells and schistocytes; lactate dehydrogenase 612 U/l; alanine transaminase 446 U/l; aspartate transaminase 191 U/l; total bilirubin 34 mmol/l; direct bilirubin 12 mmol/l; total protein 46 g/l; albumin 20 g/dl; international normalised ratio 2.