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n. anisocitosis, tamaño desigual de los glóbulos rojos.
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11,13,15] PDW is a measure of platelet anisocytosis, and the "plateletcrit" which is the product of the MPV and platelet count.
Morphology showed normochromic, anisocytosis, Rouleaux formation, circulating blast cells with Auer rods, bicytopenia with leukocytosis, neutrophils: 0.
Moderate anisocytosis and anisokaryosis were present, and 3 mitotic figures were seen in ten X400 fields.
They concluded that an elevation in PDW and RDW values were found to be associated with recurrent pregnancy loss and thought that anisocytosis may ocur in the microenvironment of inflammation and thromboembolism causing to gathering together (erythrocytes and thrombocytes).
Hypochromic microcytic red cell in proportion to degree of anaemia, with poikilocytosis anisocytosis, pencil cells, red cell count less than 5 million/mm3 and MCV less than 75fl usually favors iron deficiency.
The most important diagnostic feature of cancer cells are anisonucleosis, anisocytosis, abnormal nuclear texture and nuclear hyperchromasia and abnormal N/C ratio.
Peripheral smear showed elliptocytes which were more than 50%, there was marked anisocytosis, poikilocytosis and red cell fragmentation (fig-1a).
The percentage of reticulocytes was 9% and anisocytosis was evident in the blood smear, thus classifying it as regenerative anaemia.
3fL, anisocytosis, polychromasia and a reticulocyte count =2%.
A peripheral blood smear showed anisocytosis, and target cell and reticulocyte was 3.
On morphology, platelets are increased in counts, with platelet anisocytosis (large platelets).