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Noun1.Anisoptera - dragonfliesAnisoptera - dragonflies        
animal order - the order of animals
Odonata, order Odonata - dragonflies and damselflies
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oenea; while in the second group the anisopterans Macrothemis pseudimitans and Erpetogomphus elaps were dominant.
Less abundant although still frequent are insects that exhibit morphological aquatic adaptations for locomotion or feeding strategies, such as coptoclavid coleopterans, chresmodids, dipterans larvae, odonates, anisopterans (see Fregenal-Martinez et al, 2007 for a summary).
This study examined the holdings from Abilene Christian University Natural History Collection (ACUNHC) and Hardin-Simmons University Invertebrate Collection (HSUIC), which provided records for 23 species of anisopterans, of which eight are from the families Aeshnidae, Corduliidae, and Libellulidae.