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Noun1.ankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankleankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankle
brace - a support that steadies or strengthens something else; "he wore a brace on his knee"
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Krejza avoided the media as he hurried off the Bellerive Oval this morning after failing the test, telling team management to tell reporters he had gone home as he left the field for treatment and to re-fit an ankle brace.
Mueller's Pro-Style Triaxial Hinge Knee Brace and ATF Ankle Brace fit the bill.
Mueller) The ATF[R] High Performance Ankle Brace, custom left or right fitted, is designed to conform to the arch of the foot for precise fit and no bulk, allowing unrestricted foot movement for jumping, speed, and agility.
Mother-of-two Sue, who was wearing an ankle brace after breaking her left leg, said: "I explained the booze was not for Tara - it was for a party that I was hosting, but they insisted that I leave the items.
But London, who wears an ankle brace during practice and games, is having trouble when he blitzes around the side, drops into coverage or chases a running back to the sideline.
Mueller has also released a new ankle brace, the Soft Ankle Brace, which is lightweight and easier to put on and take off.
Murray wore an ankle brace for his first round match against George Bastl and it will stay on for all his Wimbledon matches.
Ware, who was hampered the second half of the season by a high-ankle sprain, will wear an ankle brace and expects to near 100 percent when the Bruins end their season Tuesday in San Jose in the Silicon Valley Classic against Fresno State.
We have expanded our ankle brace line with the introduction of Active Ankle, and introduced a strapped lace-up brace called the AS1.
com Introduces Exclusive Custom Orthotics Line II-13 Bauerfeind Relaunches Active Support Products in New Design II-13 VQ OrthoCare Introduces Catalyst Line of Knee Braces II-13 Bauerfeind Orthopedics Unveils Wrist Orthosis II-14 dj Orthopedics Introduces New Foot Orthotic for Treatment of Subtle Cavus Foot II-14 BREG Launches Complete Range of FUSION Functional Knee Braces II-14 dj Orthopedics Introduces Velocity Ankle Brace II-14 Innovation Sports' Open-Palm C Ti.
com adds "2015 Ankle brace Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario" to the Medical Devices intelligence collection of its store.
I'll play somewhat,'' said Ware, who will wear an ankle brace.