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Noun1.ankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankleankle brace - a brace worn to strengthen the ankle
brace - a support that steadies or strengthens something else; "he wore a brace on his knee"
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Use crutches for the first several days after sustaining the injury, and then use an ankle brace or boot to provide support.
Alan, from Denny,who now wants to highlight MND Awareness Week which takes place this week, said: "Since my original diagnosis, the progressive weakness has resulted in me using an ankle brace, and a walking stick for short distances.
Conservative treatment, including immobilization using an ankle brace and administration of NSAIDs, failed to reduce his persistent pain, and the patient was then referred to our hospital for surgical treatment.
Those children who do have SH1DF fractures heal well when treated with a self-removable ankle brace and self-regulated return to activities.
Effect of the ankle brace on the knee of the volleyball player: a study of review
The patient was initially treated conservatively with immobilization in a short leg cast for 2 months followed by gradual return to activity in an Arizona ankle brace. The patient continued to have symptoms and 1 year after presentation underwent resection of the coalitions with interposition of fibrin glue.
Effectiveness of an external ankle brace in reducing parachuting-related ankle injuries.
Management of ankle sprains: a randomised controlled trial of the treatment of inversion injuries using an elastic support bandage or an Aircast ankle brace. Br J Sports Med.
Right tackle Andre Yruretagoyena, who appeared to re-injure his leg and was carted off the field during the 51-13 victory over Arizona, walked out of practice wearing a small ankle brace instead of the protective boot he celebrated in after the conference title game.
The difference between the groups was the use of the semi-rigid prophylactic ankle brace, which was worn by the experimental group.
The Question: Does ankle brace use after an ankle sprain lessen subsequent injuries?
ACE Brand Sports Medicine Products feature the new Custom Dial Ankle Brace, Elbow Strap and Knee Strap, along with additional braces and supports as well as elastic bandages, protective gear, tapes/underwraps, hot/cold therapy and other sports accessories.