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Noun1.ankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankleankle bracelet - an ornament worn around the ankle  
bangle, bracelet - jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration
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He will be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet; be under the 24/7 supervision of two adult family guardians; and have no contact whatsoever with non-family members.
He was fitted with an ankle bracelet and is to stay at an undisclosed location.
He was fitted for an ankle bracelet, and will be staying at an undisclosed location in the New York City area that the court approved.
According to the team's pitch, Freecog is a cheap alternative to ankle bracelets. Currently, pretrial criminal defendants who are released on their own recognizance or "recogged" in court slang must wear an ankle bracelet to stay on the court's radar.
She will also wear an ankle bracelet, be subject to a curfew at home between 11pm and 6am, and not travel outside certain areas of the city.
As part of the campaign, for a limited time, is giving away, to all store visitors and customers, a free gift of their choice among these three different jewels for fitness lovers (Vintage Ankle Bracelet, 7 Chakra Healing Necklace, 7 Chakra Tree of Life Charm Bracelet), just by registering and paying a small shipping cost.
However, Weinstein's attorney, Benjamin Brafman stated that house arrest wasn't required, as he has already surrendered his passport and is wearing a location-monitoring ankle bracelet.
Ko Young-wook, a singer convicted of sexually assaulting three minors in 2013, will have his ankle bracelet locator for sex offenders removed next month.
It is not clear if he was wearing an ankle bracelet or another monitoring device at the time of his death, and the US Attorney's office has not returned requests for comment.
If Rizzuto is able to make bond, he will be placed under house arrest and wear an ankle bracelet.
She is now subject to electronic home monitoring, which means she has to wear the same ankle bracelet used by prisoners on work-release.
Then another detainee told Sofia about a company that could get her out--so long as she agreed to wear an ankle bracelet and pay a monthly fee.