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also an·chy·lo·sis  (ăng′kə-lō′sĭs)
1. The consolidation of bones or their parts to form a single unit.
2. The stiffening and immobility of a joint as the result of disease, trauma, surgery, or abnormal bone fusion.

[New Latin, from Greek ankulōsis, stiffening of the joints, from ankuloun, to crook, bend, from ankulos, crooked, bent.]

an′ky·lot′ic (-lŏt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.ankylotic - relating to or characteristic of the abnormality ankylosis
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a. anquiloso-a, anquilosado-a.
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On examination, his neck was ankylotic and could not be moved in any direction.
covered five clinical features of RR based on aetiology: RR from pulpal infection, periodontal infection, orthodontic pressure, impacted tooth or tumour pressure, and ankylotic RR (13).
However, regarding the extension of degeneration, the findings of this study agreed with the results of Rajnic et al .[21] When the spine is rigid (aging is kyphotic and ankylotic), there is no possibility for the patients to reduce the magnitude of the thoracic curve.
(2) Kaban (1990) had given a protocol that included: aggressive resection of the ankylotic segment, ipsilateral coronoidectomy, contralateral coronoidectomy when necessary, lining the joint with temporalis fascia or cartilage, reconstruction of the ramus with costocondral graft, rigid fixation of the graft, early mobilization and aggressive physiotherapy.
Caption: FIGURE 2: The intraoperative view shows A bone ankylotic bridge of 10 cm length and 2 cm thickness.