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Relating to annals or an annalist.
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Adj.1.annalistic - relating to annalsannalistic - relating to annals; "a book with an annalistic approach"
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Likewise, the opportunistic killing of Brian, at prayer behind the "Irish" lines, by a fleeing Viking party led by Brodar--as told in Cogadh, in an annalistic account plainly contaminated by Cogadh, and in Njals saga--is deemed "not preposterous" (195; cf.
In Chapter Two the author provides a competent, annalistic history of Reform Judaism from its origins in Germany through its flowering in America under the leadership of various rabbis of the two major Reform institutions, the Union of American of Hebrew Congregations, now the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUCJIR).
As his role as theater manager becomes more important, the book turns into an almost annalistic history of the company.
Striving to write "philosophical" history which took up big themes, paying much attention to story and style, avoiding laborious and annalistic history, and jettisoning much of the traditional scholarly apparatus, such as extensive citation of sources in footnotes or elsewhere, in his various historical works he described many of the most important people and events of his own time, or, at least, of the times immediately preceding him.
The topics discussed include Christianity and paganism in Adam of Bremen's narrative, the creation of an Icelandic Christian identity in Islendingabok, Gallus Anonymus' narrative about Poland and its rulers, Christian identity in the Chronicle of the Czechs by Cosmas of Prague, and Christian identity in the early Novgorodian annalistic writing.
If we were to take Aristotle literally, the only kind of historical writing he would recognize as such would be the kind of annalistic historical writings practiced in his own times .
With the exception of the rigorous annalistic kind of historiography, the preferred solution is usually the successive narration of more or less completed events relying on the help of previews and flashbacks.
5) It is clear that the writers of annalistic histories who wrote under the Flavians and who were the main sources upon which Suetonius drew for the period of Vespasian's pre-imperial life felt expected to laud the current dynasty and expose the failings of the Julio-Claudians and their transient successors; those writing after Domitian's death, like Tacitus and Suetonius, had a freer hand, but were still restrained by the continued existence and influence of friends and beneficiaries of the Flavians.
Forsaken World" adopts a system of annalistic history, and allows players to change core contents such as the Epoch, the orbiting of constellations and the birth of deities.
Not unsurprisingly, then, the highest proportion of split subjects in the corpus appears in narrative and annalistic texts (in which different actions involving many different characters are presented in fast succession), a suitable context for the use of such mechanisms of discourse organisation.
Gloir in bardic verse and annalistic compilations accords closely with the meaning of its English cognate, glory.