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Relating to annals or an annalist.
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Adj.1.annalistic - relating to annalsannalistic - relating to annals; "a book with an annalistic approach"
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Julch's predicted three-volume translation is of part of that work entitled "Fayun tongsai zhi" (Monograph of Success and Obstructions in the Spread of the Dharma), an annalistic chronicle of Buddhism in China that lists events dynasty by dynasty, ruler by ruler, year by year.
Although it is the shortest of all of Tacitus's writings, is devoid of any speeches, and lacks the annalistic chronology of his other writings, the Germania may be, Pagan argues, the most important work for understanding Tacitus.
Still, even in its sparse annalistic account, it encodes certain traditional historical judgements.
(24) The annalistic materials and the prophetical stories of 1-2 Kings are good examples of such materials, which are often supposed to have existed and developed independently of each other, only later having been (in several stages) combined with each other.
In the first case the deeds are narrated within the annalistic sections or within the passages relating to military activities (mainly they appear as a sporting relaxation of which the king avails himself during a pause in the military operations), while in the second case they are related at the end of the inscriptions, or at least in a position or in a manner to release them from any specific temporal context.
Although it kept annalistic listing of events within chapters and thus was not a breakthrough into narrative historia in the Greek or Renaissance European meaning, the Stepennaia kniga does mark a step toward a new genre.
The relationship between caregiver, senior, family and institution is extremely complex and singular, however, we can propose an annalistic angle in which the senior puts the caregiver in a position of assumed knowledge and depositary of resources they no longer believe being able of practice themselves.
(26) Certainly the segmented format helps to underwrite the refusal of a "consistent fable" across the scope of a longer piece, even if the ideological bent of these linked annalistic passages has less to do with their length and more to do with an assault on the romance contents of prose fiction per se.
The textual relationship between two annalistic collections, the Annals of Ulster and the Annals of Loch Ce, has a bearing on the information both provide on what happened at Clontarf, yet the direct connection between them is not mentioned (e.g.
In Chapter Two the author provides a competent, annalistic history of Reform Judaism from its origins in Germany through its flowering in America under the leadership of various rabbis of the two major Reform institutions, the Union of American of Hebrew Congregations, now the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUCJIR).
As his role as theater manager becomes more important, the book turns into an almost annalistic history of the company.