annus mirabilis

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annus mi·rab·i·lis

n. pl. anni mi·ra·bi·les (mĭ-răb′ə-lēz)
A year notable for disasters or wonders; a fateful year: "Hungary's blood bath was the saddest event in that annus mirabilis" (C.L. Sulzberger).

[New Latin annus mīrābilis : Latin annus, year + Latin mīrābilis, wondrous.]
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annus mirabilis

(ˈænʊs mɪˈræbɪlɪs)
n, pl anni mirabiles (ˈænaɪ mɪˈræbɪliːz)
a year of wonders, catastrophes, or other notable events
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an•nus mi•ra•bi•lis

(ˈɑn nʊs mɪˈrɑ bɪ lɪs; Eng. ˈæn əs məˈræb ə lɪs)

n., pl. an•ni mi•ra•bi•les (ˈɑn ni mɪˈrɑ bɪˌlɛs; Eng. ˈæn aɪ məˈræb əˌliz, ˌæn i)
a year of wonders; wonderful year.
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annus mirabilis

A Latin phrase meaning year of wonders, used to mean a year in which many wonderful things happened.
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Then there was a group of works from 1946-47 that culminated with the allover Constellation, 1946; Something of the Past, 1946; and Galaxy, 1947, which brought the exhibition to the verge of the great dripped and poured abstractions of the anni mirabiles 1947-50.
The years 1999-2001 have been for the historical recognition of Robert Cecil, third Marquis of Salisbury, truly anni mirabiles. Michael Bentley's Lord Salisbury's World is the third and most impressive of three massive and noteworthy studies of Queen Victoria's last prime minister.