annus mirabilis

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annus mi·rab·i·lis

n. pl. anni mi·ra·bi·les (mĭ-răb′ə-lēz)
A year notable for disasters or wonders; a fateful year: "Hungary's blood bath was the saddest event in that annus mirabilis" (C.L. Sulzberger).

[New Latin annus mīrābilis : Latin annus, year + Latin mīrābilis, wondrous.]
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annus mirabilis

(ˈænʊs mɪˈræbɪlɪs)
n, pl anni mirabiles (ˈænaɪ mɪˈræbɪliːz)
a year of wonders, catastrophes, or other notable events
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an•nus mi•ra•bi•lis

(ˈɑn nʊs mɪˈrɑ bɪ lɪs; Eng. ˈæn əs məˈræb ə lɪs)

n., pl. an•ni mi•ra•bi•les (ˈɑn ni mɪˈrɑ bɪˌlɛs; Eng. ˈæn aɪ məˈræb əˌliz, ˌæn i)
a year of wonders; wonderful year.
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annus mirabilis

A Latin phrase meaning year of wonders, used to mean a year in which many wonderful things happened.
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Firstly, the years 1905 to 1914 were anni mirabili in the world of Yiddish publishing.