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 (ə-nī′ə-lā′tĭv, -ə-lə-)
Capable of causing utter destruction or serving to destroy utterly: annihilative firepower.
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Adj.1.annihilative - wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destructionannihilative - wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction; "possessing annihilative power"; "a devastating hurricane"; "the guns opened a withering fire"
destructive - causing destruction or much damage; "a policy that is destructive to the economy"; "destructive criticism"
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Jacinto also called on the NPA 'to launch more and more tactical offensives, combining multiple attritive actions with well-chosen and well-planned annihilative blows against the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines /PNP/paramilitary troops' as the Duterte government intensified its counter-revolutionary moves.
And punk rock its annihilative sonic assault, its do-it-yourself ethos and iconography gave a voice to Ocampo's disenfranchisement.
UGMO is allegedly part of NPA's organizing tactics composed of Sangay sa Partido (SP) that leads the group toward mass actions as well as the armed group barangay immersion and Milisyang Bayan (MBs) who will act as the lowest armed group that is tasked to conduct ambuscades and any other annihilative activities to deter and inflict casualties to government forces, Ducusin claimed.
In portraying Koomson's fall as self-suppressive and annihilative, Armah casts the whole final episode of the minister's career in a grotesque dimension.
The United States and Israel are unlikely to back down and will certainly retaliate--perhaps with annihilative force--if attacked.
Technological advances tied to modern/colonial economic networks, were transforming communications, transport, and, perhaps most significantly for rising societal anxiety, the annihilative possibilities of warfare.
A poem is no different, in that it places us precariously on the edge of the annihilative powers of silence itself.
While he follows the destructive wake of a natural volcanic eruption, D'Arcy Wood decisively and convincingly demonstrates that this natural disaster is ultimately proof not of nature's self-determining cyclic destruction but proof of the impact of that other powerful annihilative earthly force: the human species.
Being surrounded by killer moose and ferocious squirrels might seem a terrifying prospect, but after a few days in Alaska's interior, in the shadow of The Weathermaker (especially when the weather is nice), a man can learn to live more comfortably with the universe's annihilative possibilities.
And it also is the time for it to understand that in administration, favouritism could be as lethal and as annihilative, if not more, as are nepotism and cronyism.
Time does mark the distinction between the annihilative and the emancipatory in Agamben's thought; but, beyond the time of the messianic event, Christian or not, is a more complex construction of the evental time of enunciation that is bound up with negativity and presence.
Say we draw on apocalyptic tropes to represent climate change--as Lawrence Buell ambivalently points out, "the concept of annihilative apocalypse itself is as old as Lucretius" (1995, 299).