anno Hegirae

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anno He·gi·rae

 (hĭ-jī′rē, hĕj′ər-ē)
adv. Abbr. AH or ah
In a specified year of the Islamic calendar.

[New Latin annō Hegirae, in the year of the Hegira : Latin annō, ablative of annus, year + New Latin Hegirae, genitive of Hegira, Hegira.]
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(Anno Hegirae) commemorates the migration of the prophet Mohammed from Makkah (Mecca) to Al Madinah, to establish the first Muslim city-state in A.D.
Islamic years are usually followed by the letter 'H', for Hijrah, or 'AH', for the Latin term Anno Hegirae, meaning 'in the year of the Hijrah.'