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Noun1.annon - sweet pulpy tropical fruit with thick scaly rind and shiny black seedsannon - sweet pulpy tropical fruit with thick scaly rind and shiny black seeds
custard apple - the fruit of any of several tropical American trees of the genus Annona having soft edible pulp
Annona squamosa, sweetsop, sweetsop tree - tropical American tree bearing sweet pulpy fruit with thick scaly rind and shiny black seeds
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Founder and chairman Trevor Annon said: "Over the past 12 months we've secured a substantial number of lucrative new contracts in what we feel is a clear sign that we are bringing an attractive offering to the table, in terms of value, quality and innovation in our approach.
Fareast Islami life Insurance Company Ltd, Mithila Group of Industries, Prime Islami Life Insurance Ltd, Union Bank Ltd, GETCO Group, Prime Islami Securities Ltd, Fareast Islami Securities Ltd, Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Annon TEX, Protein Source, Ex-Students of Textile Engineering of Primeasia University Uzzal Dakua, Rashed Ahmed, Md.
He was thrown 28ft into the air -- around double the height of a double decker bus -- when neighbour Elaine Annon mowed him down just after he left a pub with a friend.
John Clough, 57, was flung 28ft into the air when his neighbour, uninsured driver Elaine Annon, 28, hit him moments after he left his local pub with a friend.
Non seulement il dressait le solde n?gatif de l'exp?rience sovi?tique, mais il annon?ait la fin de toute utopie.
The s ea son has not panned out as trainer Richard H annon would h av e wi sh ed as last ye ar's Middl e up has faile d to A great
Another person let down by our 'great State' annon huddersfield examiner Student Charlotte Dean slapped with PS4,600 bill for Huddersfield University digs - despite never having lived there So there's a shortage of accommodation yet this company who has probably filled the room wants paying twice.
Learna Annon, 12, from Consett, said: "I liked her in Girls Aloud but she's more entertaining on her own.
PC Carlton's wife Julie Carlton and mother Doreen Annon were joined by a number of former colleagues including Det Con Len Jakeman, who was shot in the stomach during the same incident.
In 2006, Japan announced that the rice surpluses stored in government warehouses would also be used for bio-fuels (Annon 2006), and production commenced in 2009 (Takada 2009).
Cody Annon terrorised Breckfield's defence for much of the first half with his intricate touches and darting forward runs and was duly rewarded with a goal just before the interval.