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v. an·nounced, an·nounc·ing, an·nounc·es
1. To make known publicly.
2. To proclaim the presence or arrival of: announce a caller.
3. To provide an indication of beforehand; foretell: The invention of the microchip announced a new generation of computers.
4. To serve as an announcer for: announce a football game on TV.
1. To declare one's candidacy: was declared the front-runner even before she announced.
2. To serve as an announcer.

[Middle English announcen, from Old French anoncier, from Latin annūntiāre : ad-, ad- + nūntiāre, to report (from nūntius, messenger; see neu- in Indo-European roots).]
Synonyms: announce, advertise, broadcast, declare, proclaim, promulgate, publish
These verbs mean to bring to public notice: announced a cease-fire to the media; advertised the upcoming concert on cable television; broadcast his opinions in a blog; declared her political intentions at a news conference; proclaiming his beliefs in a column; promulgated a policy of nonviolence; publishing the rules of the contest in the newspaper.
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Adj.1.announced - declared publiclyannounced - declared publicly; made widely known; "their announced intentions"; "the newspaper's proclaimed adherence to the government's policy"
declared - made known or openly avowed; "their declared and their covert objectives"; "a declared liberal"
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When they had been announced a perturbation was noticeable among the servants.
"I require a special train to London as quickly as possible," he announced. "I should be glad if you could let me have one within half an hour, at any rate.
"Papa always said I was bright as a button, so mama always called me Button-Bright," announced the boy.
Fourthly, it was announced, that, on the second day, there should be a general tournament, in which all the knights present, who were desirous to win praise, might take part; and being divided into two bands of equal numbers, might fight it out manfully, until the signal was given by Prince John to cease the combat.
All these gentlemen had been noticed by Athos and Aramis in the guardhouse, and when the two friends were announced they started and exchanged some words in a low tone.
Captain Granet wishes to speak to Miss Conyers," he announced.
On the morning of the twenty-second, grandfather announced at breakfast that it would be impossible to go to Black Hawk for Christmas purchases.
The gnat, who was the most crafty, flew into the forest where the enemy was assembled, and hid herself beneath a leaf of the tree where the password was to be announced. There stood the bear, and he called the fox before him and said: 'Fox, you are the most cunning of all animals, you shall be general and lead us.' 'Good,' said the fox, 'but what signal shall we agree upon?' No one knew that, so the fox said:
le Prince was being announced. The Prince de Conde, the first prince of the blood, the conqueror of Rocroy, Lens and Nordlingen, was, in fact, entering the apartment of Monseigneur de Mazarin, followed by his gentlemen, and had already saluted the king, when the prime minister raised his curtain.
4th, as some badly informed journalists had announced.
"With two such examples of courage before him, a man would be ashamed to prove other than a hero." He then seated himself in the center of the cavern, grasping his remaining pistol with a hand convulsively clenched, while his contracted and frowning eye announced the sullen desperation of his purpose.
In the middle of the hall, backed against the western wall, a large and magnificent gallery draped with cloth of gold, into which enter in procession, through a small, arched door, grave personages, announced successively by the shrill voice of an usher.