sweet wormwood

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Noun1.sweet wormwood - wormwood of southeastern Europe to Iransweet wormwood - wormwood of southeastern Europe to Iran
genus Artemisia - usually aromatic shrubs or herbs of north temperate regions and South Africa and western South America: wormwood; sagebrush; mugwort; tarragon
wormwood - any of several low composite herbs of the genera Artemisia or Seriphidium
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[15.] Ferreira J and J Janick Annual wormwood (Artemisia annua L.) New Crop Fact SHEET.
[17.] Duke SO, Vaughn KC, Croom EM and HN Elsohly Artemisinin, a constituent of annual wormwood (Artemisia annua), is a selective phytotoxin.
Scientists at the university's Research Institute of Pharmacy Science were tapped by the World Health Organization (WHO) to study the productivity of various lines of annual wormwood. Studies also explored the isolation of an antimalarial substance from the plant.