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 (ə-no͞o′ĭ-tənt, ə-nyo͞o′-)
1. One that receives or is qualified to receive an annuity.
2. An officially retired US intelligence officer who is actually still on the government's payroll and is available for assignments.


(Banking & Finance) a person in receipt of or entitled to an annuity


(əˈnu ɪ tnt, əˈnyu-)

a person who receives an annuity.
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Noun1.annuitant - the recipient of an annuityannuitant - the recipient of an annuity    
recipient, receiver - a person who receives something


n (form)Rentenempfänger(in) m(f) (einer Jahresrente)
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The adjunct professors sued the college in 2016, alleging the decision by the Des Plaines-based school to no longer employ annuitants of the State Universities Retirement System, or SURS, was discriminatory.
On December 15, MetLife announced that it was undertaking a review of practices and procedures used to estimate its reserves related to certain Retirement and Income Solutions group annuitants who have been unresponsive or missing over time.
This is why annuities payable for the life or lives of one or more annuitants frequently include a minimum payment guarantee.
As on 31sl March, 2016, a total number of 3,17,991 annuitants are being benefited under VPBY 2014.
This paper explores the extent to which annuitants might be prepared to pay for protection against cohort-specific mortality risk, by comparing traditional indexed annuities with annuities whose payout rates are revised in response to differences between expected and actual mortality rates of the cohort in question.
Moreover, annuitants in higher socioeconomic status residential locations purchase larger annuities.
Now Pensions Minister Steve Webb says that annuitants should be able to 'unwind' their contracts.
The program encompasses domestic and overseas positions, and offers the skills of annuitants from the Foreign Service and Foreign Affairs Agencies and the Department's Civil Service ranks.
Additionally, he also seems to have avoided any responsibility for monitoring and reporting on the operations or financial soundness of GABC for the benefit of those annuitants to whom he repeatedly claimed to owe a fiduciary responsibility.
com)-- Secure Horizon Settlements, LLC (SHS), a forward-looking and trustworthy financial services company, recently upgraded their funding process to better accommodate annuitants looking to convert their settlement payment into an immediate lump sum of cash.
6m to With-Profits Annuitants (WPAs) or their estates, with subsequent payments totaling GBP193m to annuitants and payments totaling GBP161m have been issued to those policyholders who purchased their policy through their company pension scheme.
Joint Life Annuity for life (without any death benefit) - A fixed amount, guaranteed at the policy inception, will be paid as long as at least one of the annuitants is alive.