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Shaped like or forming a ring.

[Latin ānulāris, from ānulus, ring; see annulus.]

an′nu·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
an′nu·lar·ly adv.
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Annular eclipses can last over three hours in locations where annularity is visible.
The segment design of the main reflector of the GBT [63], as shown in Figure 3(b), is based on a 208-meter standard circle paraboloid and the division form of hoop/radial annularity on a circle paraboloid.
Based in the small town of Facundo, the party of four split up to cover the centerline (James and Juan Carlos), the north edge (Mark), and the south edge (Andreas) of the path of annularity. The alpha test version of the app only came together after the team members were in place, but they were able to download it to six smartphones after they arrived.
"We can report good success in observing 4 minutes and 20 seconds of full annularity at the eclipse today," he ( said , "Much of the eclipse was viewed through thin clouds, though rarely after the first few minutes was the sun obscured."
(8) Observers could barely distinguish an annular eclipse from the similar effects of a partial unless some peripheral conditions made it possible for them to witness the annularity. For instances, the annular phase could have been observed at sunrise or sunset or through clouds, or the observers were equipped with some auxiliary instruments.
The correspondence with growth line count chronologies strongly supports and verifies growth line annularity in geoduck clams.
He noted that oxygen (Offl) and UHC (ultra-high contrast) filters gave similar contrast enhancements, but that the UHC was better at showing the annularity, which was subtle.
Devgun said that the path of annularity in India would pass over the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Mizoram, while the partial phase of eclipse would be visible all over the country.
A spokesman said: "The path of annularity begins in northern Portugal just before 10am and continues on through central Spain.
The path of annularity starts in the Atlantic Ocean, runs through Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Kenya, and ends in the Indian Ocean.
(Caiden, 1982;1983;1991) Aaron Wildavsky explained that the budgetary norms of balance, annularity, and comprehensiveness have been shattered beyond recognition and that the assumptions behind these norms, e.g., accepted limits on taxes and spending, predictability for a year, and departmental control of spending, no longer hold in the federal budget process (Wildavsky, 1992, p.