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 (ăn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) also an·nu·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having or consisting of rings or ringlike segments.

[Latin ānulātus, from ānulus, ring; see annulus.]
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Adj.1.annulated - shaped like a ringannulated - shaped like a ring      
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Prostomium with three annulated antennae, two short bulbous ventrolateral palps, and four red eyes, anterior pair larger than posterior one.
Phenazine also called azophenylene, dibenzo-p-diazine, dibenzopyrazine, and acridizine, is a dibenzo annulated pyrazine and the parent substance of many dyestuffs, such as the toluylene red, indulines, and safranines.
The resulting products containing a pyrazolidine cycle annulated to other heterocycles find application in medicine as the multipurpose biologically active compounds [22], anti-HIV agents, inhibitors of NO synthase, and antidiabetic drugs [23-26], in agriculture [27, 28], and in other fields of science and technology [29].
Body small, curved ventrally upon fixation, cuticle thin 1-1.5 um thick at midbody, finely annulated. Lateral field consist of three incisures 4-4.5 um wide at mid body or one-sixth of the corresponding body width.
The main characteristics of this group of ancient parasitic arthropods are an often annulated elongate body and a mouth typically flanked by 2 pairs of hooks.
Final germination percentage was reduced at higher concentrations than 100 mM and was annulated at the highest salt concentration (300 mM NaCl).
Just before entering Umag, the final destination town, the bunch annulated the breakaway quartet, with just one of them, Marangoni, keeping a small gap and trying to take a solo win.
The burrows have sharp boundaries that form non-compart-mentalized or thin annulated segments perpendicular to the length of the burrow.
Despite this evidence, the notion of the effective receptor for adiponectin is uncertain, since it has been found that when siRNA was used against AdipoR1, the antiproliferative activity of adiponectin in T47D cells was annulated [30].
Suresh, "A DFT study on dihydropyrazine annulated linear polyacenes: aromaticity, stability and HOMO-LUMO energymodulation," Phys.