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If you use the practice of marking diodes with a (+) on the anode, we don't have any more information than if you didn't mark it at all.
Recharging the battery reverses the process, and the ions travel back and stick onto the anode. But when they do, the ions don't attach evenly.
Most recently, they have purchased and relocated to an 18,000 square foot warehouse and office space at 569 Main Street in Hudson, Massachusetts: a new, permanent base of operations for "The Online Superstore for Zinc Anodes."
If you replaced the magnesium anode rod with a similar one, the problem has recurred.
Replacements for both the anode rod and dip tube can be found at most plumbing supply houses.
Wiseguyreports.Com Adds "Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials 2019-2025 Global Market Survey Industry Key Players - BTR New Energy, Hitachi Chem, Shanshan Tech, JFE, Mitsubishi Chem" To Its Research Database
Using different anode materials allows tuning of the emitted eV energy.
Silicon anodes are one part of the multi-variable materials technologies pushing to improve LiB energy density, but the latest generation of high-energy anode and cathode systems rapidly degrade traditional LiB electrolytes.