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tr.v. an·o·dized, an·o·diz·ing, an·o·diz·es
To coat (a metallic surface) electrolytically with a protective or decorative oxide.

an′o·di·za′tion (-dĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˈænəˌdaɪzd) or


coated with a protective oxide film by electrolysis
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14 February 2019 - US-based anodized aluminum and metallized packaging solutions manufacturer Anomatic Corp has acquired US-based injection molding firm CP Technologies Company, the company said.
Retailer Victoria's Secret approached Stylmark to develop an anodized aluminum extrusion that could replace the current steel extrusion they were using on their storefronts.
Moreover, XRD studies of the anodized commercial aluminum substrate show that the intensity of diffraction peak pertaining to preferentially oriented crystallographic plane (311) is decreased whereas its full width at half maximum is increased at all anodization temperatures.
Lorin Industries has announced the availability of its coil anodized aluminum for perforated aluminum projects in architectural and construction applications.
Temperature close to the boiling point (96[degrees]C), usually undertaken for the sealing process, involves secondary reactions in anodized layer [20-21].
Anomatic Corporation has been driving global innovation in anodized aluminum packaging for over 50 years, helping the world's most trusted brands elevate their packaging to new levels.
Vinod Cookware, one of Indias oldest kitchenware brands announces the launch of its highly dynamic hard anodized cookware product- The Multi Kadai.
16 February 2016 - Germany-based specialty investment company Thyssen'sche Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H, will acquire controlling interest in US-based anodized aluminium packaging solutions manufacturer Anomatic from Brookstone Partners, the company said.
Dodge, a subsidiary of Chrysler, is planning to add two new appearance packages, Brass Monkey and Anodized Platinum, for its 2016 Dodge Durango range.
Pump heads are mounted to the control unit, which includes stepper motors, drivers and programmable electronics housed in a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure.
The product is a super durable polyester designed to provide the versatility of a low gloss, bonded metallic silver, offering the appearance and color of standard anodized finishes with all the benefits associated with a powder coating.