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Adj.1.anoestrous - of or relating to anestrus
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Effect of Progesterone Prior to GnRH-PGF2[alpha] Treatment on Induction of Oestrus and Pregnancy in Anoestrous Awassi Ewes.
In Norway, high blood Se levels of Norwegian Red Heifers and dry period cows have been shown to be a causative factor in disorders such as mastitis, ovarian cysts and anoestrous, it is therefore stated that feed additives should be used (Kommisrud et al.
Carcass and meat traits of feedlot finished heifers submitted to surgical or mechanical anoestrous.
The signs were associated with anoestrous and delayed onset of oestrous, failure of conception and abortions (Gupta et al.
Measurement of serum acute phase proteins to monitor postoperative recovery in anoestrous bitches after ovariohysterectomy.
The main determinant of calving intervals is the post-partum anoestrous interval which is the period after calving before normal ovarian cycles are re-established [23].
Induction of ovulation of ovulatory size non-ovulatory follicles and initiation of ovarian cyclicity in summer anoestrous buffalo heifers using melatonin implants.
Preliminary studies on the use of an oral progestagen to induce estrous and ovulation in seasonally anoestrous Thoroughbred mares.
The control of fertility in sheep: endocrine and ovarian response to progestagen-PMSG treatment in the breeding season and in anoestrous.
Treatment of cows with an extended postpartum anoestrous interval.