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1. Deviating from the normal or common order, form, or rule.
2. Equivocal, as in classification or nature.

[From Late Latin anōmalos, from Greek, uneven : probably from an-, not; see a-1 + homalos, even (from homos, same; see sem- in Indo-European roots).]

a·nom′a·lous·ly adv.
a·nom′a·lous·ness n.
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Noun1.anomalousness - deviation from the normal or common order or form or ruleanomalousness - deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
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How you could both be skeptical of the aims of assimilation or appropriation (Piper herself complains of the disproportionate rewards granted to white artists cribbing from black music) and also sense the urgency in her confrontation of the roots of racism, misogyny, homophobia, and all the other traps of the mind in which a person, faced with the anomalousness of another being, rationalizes and projects the stereotypes they inherit and reproduce, even as the individual stands there in resolute defiance.
Given the early references to the use of wooden icons in China, which I discuss below we might take Zhang Yan as intending to emphasize the anomalousness of metal as the material for constructing sacred images.
Karma Lochrie has recently noted that TBJM's anti-Semitic remarks are notable for their anomalousness in the work.
This created a very real dilemma because, while his public persona of statesman was already established and widely disseminated, Hitler's unconventional private life, the anomalousness of which already was a source of concern for Reich propagandists, offered no cast of family characters or humanizing attributes to portray him as first man and father of his nation.
If anomalousness is perceived, all the nodes will obscure the malicious nodes from the network, Keywords MANET, black-hole attack, AODV, routing protocols, security, clustering, and cluster-head.
On the contrary, I will argue that the formal ingenuity and anomalousness of Warhol's films of the 1960s, in minimizing the operations of secondary identification, felicitously disclose something essential to the non-reciprocal, voyeuristic structure of cinematic looking.