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or an·o·my  (ăn′ə-mē)
1. Social instability caused by erosion of standards and values.
2. Alienation and purposelessness experienced by a person or a class as a result of a lack of standards, values, or ideals: "We must now brace ourselves for disquisitions on peer pressure, adolescent anomie and rage" (Charles Krauthammer).

[French, from Greek anomiā, lawlessness, from anomos, lawless : a-, without; see a-1 + nomos, law; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]

a·nom′ic (ə-nŏm′ĭk, ə-nō′mĭk) adj.
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anomie, anomy, anomia

a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by an absence or breakdown of social and legal norms and values, as in the case of an uprooted people. — anomic, adj.
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Noun1.anomy - personal state of isolation and anxiety resulting from a lack of social control and regulationanomy - personal state of isolation and anxiety resulting from a lack of social control and regulation
isolation - a state of separation between persons or groups
2.anomy - lack of moral standards in a society
immorality - the quality of not being in accord with standards of right or good conduct; "the immorality of basing the defense of the West on the threat of mutual assured destruction"
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To care is to attend at the limits of a person, but Napoli can no longer provide shelter or refuge because the community has ceased to exist as such, caught up in the cage of modern thinking and anomy.
A half-completed book on this spiritual anomy sits on his writing desk as we celebrate the passing of this supremely rational man and his unmistakably renaissance propensity.
If you were sent off to Robben Island for a year, which three books would you take with you?For a year quarantined on Robben Island I would take with me Vikram Seth's monumental A Suitable Boy because it transports you out of where you are and immerses you in the world the book is telling you about deeply and effortlessly, Shantaram by the Australian Gregory David Roberts because it's literature that reads like an action movie and you are reminded in detail that the underworld and criminals are people just like you and me who fit into no stereotype, and Wole Soyinka's Season of Anomy because it uses a story to explore the battle of ideas in politics in a very human, very complex way.
"What we must do to relieve this anomy," he argues, is to eliminate external sources of inequality such as inherited wealth and "introduce into [social] relations more justice...." (p.
But the consequences of an armed conflict of big proportions and the effects of the combatants' propaganda from both sides can degenerate into the catastrophe of anomy when moral, religious and ethical values are abandoned by the community.
"I'm so anti y|on itsy aim, it is moany!" (Is it anomy?) (9)
The Muse of Anomy: Essays on Literature and the Humanities in Nigeria
Woman as sexual object, appendage or virgin/prostitute as Iriyise in Season of Anomy, is shadow figure in Idanre.
Costa Lima points out that the absence of the State during the Middle Ages does not imply anomy: "Human community was organized there around a law, which, inscrutable, imposed the impossibility of explicative causal links to the events in the world" (LIMA 1988, p.
The pervasive ambivalent and ambiguous perceptions about the United States' actions and roles in present-day world affairs stem from of a certain state of anomy regarding the inconsistencies of civil society: anti-Americanism in Romania is diffuse and predominantly private rather than publicly outspoken and articulated at the civil society level; that is the reason why the study of psychological anti-Americanism in Romania would be more instructive as an approach of the Romanian social imaginary (19) rather than an endeavour using the instruments of qualitative sociological research.