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1. An anonymous person.
2. A pseudonym.

[French anonyme, from Late Latin anōnymus, anonymous; see anonymous.]


1. a less common word for pseudonym
2. an anonymous person or publication


(ˈæn ə nɪm)

1. an assumed or false name.
2. a pseudonym.
[1805–15; < French anonyme < Greek anṓnymos anonymous]
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Noun1.anonym - a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
stage name - the pseudonym of an actor
nom de plume, pen name - an author's pseudonym
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Wenn Sie die Vergabeunterlagen anonym herunterladen, werden Sie nicht automatisch ber evtl.
der aus Sicherheitsgrunden anonym bleibende Verfasser dieser brisanten Dokumentation, mit.
Anonym reactions were negative--people accused me of things such as "cheating, stealing and wasting money, being arrogant and lazy" I do not take them personally because I can understand that from the outside perspective this campaign might appear as such.
Das Vertrauen der Burger ist in der modernen Gesellschaft anonym.
43) Fur Feray bleiben Ubersetzung und Supplemente anonym.
This pictograph helps to signal that the anonym someone that Victoria intended is her interlocutor.
For example, Fox (2000) found only 10 percent of Internet users have set their browsers to reject cookies; 5 percent use anonym zing software to mark their computer identity; and 24 percent have provided false personal data (like a fake name) to avoid revealing true information.
Each place where one of their names appeared in the grand jury transcripts, it was replaced with the anonym Mr.
In line with the opinion of Anonym (2011), that farmers on average small business so that the necessary capital injections from banks if the credit form of KUR, KKP-E.
A security source quoted one of the preachers of Fallujah who preferred anonym as saying to the National Iraqi News Agency reporter / Nina / " Daash threatened during the recent period preachers of Fallujah, preventing them from giving Friday's sermon and imposed on them house arrest if they do not swear allgiance to Daash .
Anyone with information about either incident may send an anonymous text to 274637 beginning with TIPWPD, or submit an anonym ous message at www.