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tr.v. a·non·y·mized, a·non·y·miz·ing, a·non·y·miz·es
To make anonymous, especially by removing or preventing access to names: medical records that were anonymized for use in a study.

a·non′y·mi·za′tion (-mĭ-zā′shən) n.


(əˈnɒnɪˌmaɪz) or


(tr) to carry out or organize in such a way as to preserve anonymity: anonymized AIDS screening.
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Titled "Changes in modus operandi of Islamic State terrorist attacks", the study found: | The Paris attacks appear to indicate a shift towards a broader strategy of IS "going global"; | new attacks are likely to be primarily targeted against "soft targets", with strikes against critical infrastructure such as power grids and nuclear facilities not currently seen as a priority for IS; | as well as Syria, there are also thought to be smaller-scale terror training camps in the EU and Balkan countries; | a significant proportion of foreign fighters have been diagnosed with mental problems before joining the group; | the use of encryption and anonymising tools by terrorists to acquire weapons and communicate prevents "conventional observation" by authorities.
The Agency currently has access to UK general practice data including prescriptions and health events linked to unique patients through anonymising codes.
Presumably, Facebook will also be anonymising your incoming call data for marketing and research purposes, because why else would they want to release an app like this?
Hannigan recently sparked controversy with his first public intervention in the surveillance debate since taking over as GCHQ director, when he attacked US technology companies as "the command and control networks of choice" for terrorists when they make techniques for encrypting and/or anonymising communications available.
Facebook recently made it easier for users of the Tor anonymising service to access the social network by launching a .
Anonymising the data is also important to ensure that privacy concerns are addressed.
As well as operating on the Tor network, Assassination Market's donations are made using bitcoin which are very difficult to trace back to their owners, particularly if those donating use an anonymising service as Sanjuro advises them to.
9 ( ANI ): An encrypted anonymising browser reportedly allows informants to share their secrets with the site without the fear of being targeted by the mafia.
It is guided by command-and-control(C&C) instructions through an anonymising Tor network.
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee added anonymising those who have given more than PS7,500 should end next year to bring the region into line with the rest of the UK.
However, for Google, "further reducing the period before anonymising would degrade the utility of the data too much and outweigh the incremental privacy benefit for users".
Payment fraudsters trick the merchant by anonymising their IP location.