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1. An anonymous person.
2. A pseudonym.

[French anonyme, from Late Latin anōnymus, anonymous; see anonymous.]
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1. a less common word for pseudonym
2. an anonymous person or publication
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(ˈæn ə nɪm)

1. an assumed or false name.
2. a pseudonym.
[1805–15; < French anonyme < Greek anṓnymos anonymous]
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Noun1.anonym - a fictitious name used when the person performs a particular social role
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
stage name - the pseudonym of an actor
nom de plume, pen name - an author's pseudonym
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Today in Block -4 East Area , Village Bakhsh Ali an enumerators was filling Benazir Income Support Program survey forms in a house, where an anonyms man came and beaten to enumerator that why are you taking this data, he shown him everything of organization authority card and BISP letter but that man not heard nothing and tried to kill him in his room than enumerator ran away with help voice but one came to help him then he came to nearest Police Station "Mubina Town" and asked to help him but Police refused to help that your organization means Sindh Rural Support Organization has not submitted an NOC to do this survey that's why we couldn't document any complain.
The right, even duty of anonyms to insult strangers over the No Place that is the Internet!--but at elite levels, as opposed to over-the-clothesline or at the diner, that "free country" claim has always been a chancy proposition.
Pichappan and Sangaraamachiyar (1996) (8) have suggested that it is necessary to include eponyms, anonyms and footnotes in age studies.
According to an anonyms source, President Abbas will be heading to Ankara, Turkey in the twenty seventh of this month commencing his first international visit after announcing breaking all ties with Israel.
This crop is cultivated in a wide geographical zone ranging from Senegal, Niger, Nigeria, across eastern and southern Africa, through the Middle East and into tropical Asia (Anonyms, 1996 and Burkill, 1985).
However, a student from Cairo University who preferred to be anonyms, said that students usually do not possess any explosive materials, and that they use only fireworks to distract police forces.
The anonyms hacker has reportedly claimed that he/she has more than 60 naked photos of the "Hunger Games" star, according to the reports.
Christie, "who tells it like it is and gives it to you straight," carries the anonyms "killer persona of charismatic crankiness" and "Governor Powder Keg." In his speech, dubbed the "Me Note Address," Christie used 1,800 words in the first 16 minutes to talk about New Jersey before mentioning the name of the nominee.