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Adj.1.anoperineal - relating to the anus and surrounding perineumanoperineal - relating to the anus and surrounding perineum
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With an anoperineal abscess, first-line treatment is incision of the abscess as close as possible to the anus, followed by placement of a drain to be left in place for 7-10 days.
The procedure to repair a rectovestibular lacertion is performed in a manner similar to that described for mares with a laceration and is composed of 2 stages-rectovestibular reconstruction and a anoperineal reconstruction.
The patient with an anoperineal abscess presents with extreme pain, a sensation of fullness in the anus and rectum, erythema, fullness of the perineum, drainage, and sometimes fever.
Caudal administration of bupivacaine is a wide spread regional anaesthetic technique for intra and postoperative analgesia during lower limb, anoperineal, penoscrotal and abdominal surgical procedures in children.
A new diagnostic approach to long-term anoperineal pain: a report of two cases.