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Noun1.anorchia - absence of one of both testes
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
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AMH may be undetectable in bilateral anorchia and may eliminate the need for surgical exploration of the testes.21
Simultaneous usage of the terms orchis (op%ic) and testis, as well as tuba uterina and salpinx (&a1my%), is valid from the clinical standpoint; corresponding Greek-derived terms are more often used in clinical designations such as orchitis, anorchia, or salpingitis.
Synchronous bilateral neonatal torsion has been reported in up to 17% of cases, and is typically managed with immediate surgical exploration and orchiopexy given the risk of anorchia (Abraham, Charles, Gera, & Srinivasjois, 2015; DaJusta et al., 2013; Jensen et al., 2015).
If LH and FSH are elevated, but testosterone levels are undetectable, a diagnosis of anorchia can be suspected.
Thus, the importance of physical examination and relevant study in patients with apparent anorchia must be emphasized.