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Box Sexual dysfunction, paraphilic disorders, and gender dysphoria Individuals with a sexual dysfunction (eg, erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia) generally experience conventional sexual feelings, but they may have difficulty performing sexually.
And yet various studies have shown that the reported prevalence of anorgasmia in patients taking SSRI drugs varies between 2 percent and 73 percent, depending primarily on how you ask.
As well, FGM/C can reduce female sexual response and may lead to anorgasmia and even frigidity.
A woman with low libido or anorgasmia who is satisfied with her sex life and is not bothered by these issues does not require any intervention.
Tras 15 anos de vivir felizmente en pareja, Diana presento ausencia de deseo sexual y anorgasmia. La exploracion psicoemocional y fisica develo que tenia diabetes mellitus con neuritis y en consecuencia esta propiciaba anorgasmia y reduccion de testosterona, lo cual disminuia el deseo.
Erectile dysfunction was the most common SD in the male population (67%), whereas anorgasmia was the most frequent female SD (58%).
[17] In addition, subscale scores are particularly helpful for the assessment of infrequency, noncommunication, dissatisfaction, avoidance, nonsensuality, anorgasmia, and vaginismus.
terrestris, the QS-F indicated significant improvement in the domains of desire, arousal/lubrication, pain and anorgasmia with the placebo group showing no improvements in any of these domains.
Although earlier in their developmental phase they were considered to have fewer adverse effects than their first-generation counterparts (viz., tricyclic antidepressants), postmarketing clinical trials documented adverse effects mostly in terms of sexual dysfunction including anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, genital anesthesia, and diminished libido in almost 75% of treated patients [6, 10-12].