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GreenSpar is a form of the mineral Anorthosite (aluminosilicate), a rare compositional variety of plagioclase feldspar.
The "Genesis Rock," a 4.4 billion-year-old anorthosite sample approximately 2 inches in length, brought back by Apollo 15 and used to determine the moon was formed by a giant impact, is lit inside a pressurized nitrogen-filled examination case in the lunar lab at the NASA Johnson Space Center Monday, June 17, 2019, in Houston.
Among them were green, yellow, and orange volcanic beads; black basalts from the dark maria regions; twisted breccias cemented together by meteorite impacts; and a light-toned rock called anorthosite.
Christie's auction offered an Egyptian fossil limestone jar, from the first and second dynasties, dating back to 3000-2650 BC, as well as an Egyptian anorthosite gneiss bowel, from the first and second dynasties, dating back to 3000 -- 2650BC.
and Zhou, W.G.: 2002, The experimental studies on electrical conductivities and P-wave velocities of anorthosite at high pressure and high temperature.
Govindaraju, "Report (1980) on three GIT-IWG rock reference samples: anorthosite from Greenland, AN-G; basalte d' Essey-la-Cote, BE-N; granite de Beauvoir, MAN," Geostandards Newsletter, vol.
B = Bamble lithotectonic domain; K = Kongsberg-Modum lithotectonic domain; RAC = Rogaland Anorthosite Complex; KPFZ = Kristiansand-Porsgrunn Fault Zone; KSFZ = Kongsberg- Sokna Fault Zone; MZ = Mylonite Zone; DBT = Dalsland Boundary Thrust; GZ = GotaelvZone; SFCZ = Sveconorwegian Frontal Deformation Zone; and LLDZ = Linkoping-Lofthammer Deformation Zone.
Normally, ilmenite is found in large quantities in the anorthosite or norite rocks.