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A short speculum for examining the anal canal and lower rectum.

[Latin ānus, anus + -scope.]

a′no·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.
a·nos′co·py (ā-nŏs′kə-pē) n.
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Suction ligation, synchronous ligation of all the haemorrhoids with a modified anoscope and using a videoscopic anoscope are a few of such innovations that have helped achieve still better results15.
The kit contains a stapling device, circular anoscope (with an obturator), a suturing anoscope which facilitates the placement of the purse string and a suture threader which is a hook-shaped instrument used to pull the tail of the purse string through the head of the stapling instrument.
In LUV procedure, submucosal tissue of the hemorrhoidal pile base was transfixed using absorbable sutures under direct vision through anoscope in the Jackknife position.
THD device consists of an anoscope equipped on the superior surface with a Doppler sensor and a light source.
The researchers stressed that collecting an anal sample for cell study is easy, fast, and painless and can be done in the HIV clinic without a specialized tool called an anoscope.
The doctor can examine the anus and the anal canal in the office with the unaided eye or by using a small instrument called an anoscope.
Blind sampling is superior to anoscope guided sampling for screening for anal intreapithelial neoplasia.
It is a circular stapler kit equipped with a detachable anvil with holes, transparent winged port and clear anoscope kit and bridge.
drapes, sigmoidoscope, anoscope, biopsy instruments, endoscopic accessories), as they are supplied sterile, ready-to-use and carry a manufacturer and supplier guarantee.
You will feel things with your finger that you'll not see either on a Pap smear or through the anoscope because a lot of the cancers are subcutaneous at that point," he said.
An optional (and as reasonable) approach is to investigate using a simple anal and rectal examination, with the help of an anoscope, looking for an active bleeding source such as a hemorrhoid or an anal fissure.