answer for

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answer for

vb (intr, preposition)
1. to be liable or responsible for (a person's actions, behaviour, etc)
2. to vouch for or speak on behalf of (a person)
3. to suffer or atone for (one's wrongdoing)
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Verb1.answer for - furnish a justifying analysis or explanationanswer for - furnish a justifying analysis or explanation; "I can't account for the missing money"
declare - state emphatically and authoritatively; "He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with"
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يَكون مَسْؤولا عَن
zodpovídatzodpovídat se
bera ábyrgî ágjalda
zodpovedaťzodpovedať sa
hesap vermeksorumlu olmak

w>answer for

vi +prep obj
(= be responsible for)verantwortlich sein für; he has a lot to answer forer hat eine Menge auf dem Gewissen; I won’t answer for the consequencesich will für die Folgen nicht verantwortlich gemacht werden
(= guarantee)sich verbürgen für; (= speak for also)sprechen für
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(ˈaːnsə) noun
1. something said, written or done that is caused by a question etc from another person. She refused to give an answer to his questions.
2. the solution to a problem. The answer to your transport difficulties is to buy a car.
1. to make an answer to a question, problem, action etc. Answer my questions, please; Why don't you answer the letter?
2. to open (the door), pick up (the telephone) etc in reponse to a knock, ring etc. He answered the telephone as soon as it rang; Could you answer the door, please?
3. to be suitable or all that is necessary (for). This will answer my requirements.
4. (often with to) to be the same as or correspond to (a description etc). The police have found a man answering (to) that description.
ˈanswerable adjective
(usually with to, ~for) to have the responsibility. I will be answerable to you for his good behaviour; She is answerable for the whole project.
ˈanswering ˌmachine noun
(also machine) a machine that take messages for you when you cannot answer the phone. to leave a message on the answering machine.
answer for
1. (often with to) to bear the responsibility or be responsible for (something). I'll answer to your mother for your safety.
2. to suffer or be punished (for something). You'll answer for your rudeness one day!
ˈanswerphone noun
= answering machine.
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Still, it must be so, for Chaka's whisper was as the shout of other kings, and, if we dared to disobey, then our lives and the lives of all in our kraals would answer for it.
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