answer to

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w>answer to

vi +prep obj
(= be accountable to) to answer to somebody for somethingjdm für etw or wegen einer Sache (gen)Rechenschaft schuldig sein; if anything goes wrong you’ll have me to answer towenn etwas nicht klappt, dann stehen Sie mir dafür ein or gerade or dann müssen Sie sich vor mir dafür verantworten
to answer to a descriptioneiner Beschreibung entsprechen
to answer to the name of …auf den Namenhören
to answer to the wheel/helm/controlsauf das Steuer/das Ruder/die Steuerung ansprechen
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If one of these numbers which you interdict be the true answer to the question, am I falsely to say some other number which is not the right one?--is that your meaning?' --How would you answer him?
"My answer to both questions is 'No!'" Aynesworth said a little stiffly.
"Lady Ruth," he said, "will you favor me with an answer to my message?"
"For a lawyer, you are the hardest man to keep to a point I ever saw," Ernest began his answer to the tirade.
Give me an intellectual answer to my intellectual charge that the capitalist class has mismanaged society."
When they attacked the working class, he always retorted, "The pot calling the kettle black; that is no answer to the charge that your own face is dirty." And to one and all he said: "Why have you not answered the charge that your class has mismanaged?
An argument which the future is preparing in answer to the demands of American Socialism."
First there were movies, masseurs and meditation, but Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways says it has found a new answer to beating the boredom on long flights.
The answer to one or more of these questions can be found at each of these pages:
Rather than having students confirm the answer to this question for themselves, Ms.
On the same day, the ALJ issued an Order to Show Cause, providing Respondent until June 20, 2005, to file an answer to the Notice and to show good cause for having failed to do so previously.
A hypothesis is a possible explanation for a set of observations, (Also, a hypothesis is a possible answer to a scientific question.) A hypothesis must be testable.