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1. Subject to being called to answer; accountable: answerable for one's actions; answerable to one's supervisor. See Synonyms at responsible.
2. Capable of being answered or refuted: an answerable charge.
3. Archaic Suitable; appropriate.

an′swer·a·bil′i·ty, an′swer·a·ble·ness n.
an′swer·a·bly adv.
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[H]e explained this so fully, and, in my opinion, so answerably, that there cannot be any additional controversy on this subject-matter." (19) With respect to moral motivation, Smith also follows his teacher in saying that our ultimate ends and, consequently, our first impulses to right action, are not given by reason but by immediate affections.
Bakhtin's conception of the ethical act is similarly predicated on the "actual acknowledgment of one's own participation in unitary Being-as-event," that is, my "non-alibi in Being which underlies the concrete and once-occurrent ought of the answerably performed act" (Philosophy of the Act 40, see also 42).
A biography of Adorno could usefully exploit this tension; and Claussen's book seems, initially, to propose just that: to subscribe itself to Adorno's own renunciations and taboos, answer to Adorno's own self-transcending ambitions, with an answerably scrupulous textual asperity or askesis.